How to become better in Mathematics

Focus on Understanding Concepts


You need to have the discipline to practise and practise the right way.

It is impossible to study mathematics just by reading and listening. The more you practise answering mathematics problems, the better you’ll get.

How do you practise the right way? Focus on understanding concepts.

It is important to work through the process of each solution during practices and understand the underlying concept. Do not memorize answers, as memorizing steps to a solution is counter-productive.

When you make mistakes, make sure you review and understand the mistakes made. This will strengthen your concept and foundation to the topic. Understanding where you went wrong is a great way of becoming stronger.

To do well, you need to solve many problems beforehand. Do not just practise questions of the same kind, be sure to be expose to various range of questions. Repetition is a need, but repetition alone won’t make you good at mathematics.

As many topics are interrelated, you also need to have a strong foundation for every topic. Taking the topic Fractions as an example, it is closely related to topics like decimals and percentage. So, if you are weak in one topic, you will face issues on the next topic relating to it. You will then face problems dealing with further mathematics problems in future.

Hence, make sure to practise every topic , be good in every topic, and do not skip any one of them.




Careless mistakes is one of the top killer when it comes to mathematics examination.

They are made either due to confusion of certain concept or a random calculation mistake.

Needless to say, you can eliminate careless mistakes due to confusion of concept by  practising more.

For random careless mistake, check out the following points to reduce possible careless mistakes in examinations :

1.Enough sleep – Sufficient sleep is important. If you are sleep deprived, you will be more prone to careless mistakes

2.Be neat and organized – When a student scribbles their answers all over the answer sheet, he/she may carelessly use a wrong number to answer the next part of the question. In addition, it makes checking for careless difficult if you are not neat in your answers.

3.Read and analyze the questions  – Many students do not utilize their reading time. Take a moment,  read and analyze the question.

4.Do not try to skip steps – Students often get careless when they do the working in their mind instead of writing them down.  Try not to skip writing down the steps.

5.Get as familiar as possible with your common mistakes – Pen down your frequent mistakes in a notebook so as to ensure you will not repeat the same mistake again.

6.Always check – Be fast enough to finish the paper earlier than the given time and check through your answer again and again.


All these right habits will propel you to the next level in Mathematics.



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