Tutors FAQ

How can i get tuition assignments?

Under the -For Tutors- section, click on “View assignments” you will be able to find our available assignments for application.

How much is agency fee?

There is a one time commission charge of 50% of the monthly tuition fee. There will be no additional charge imposed on the parents. We will collect the first two weeks cycle tuition fee from parents as our commission. You can collect the tuition fee from the clients from the 3rd week onwards.

Should i make any payment?

You don’t have to pay us since we will collect the first two weeks cycle tuition fee from the parent. However, if the parent gives you the first two weeks cycle tuition fee directly, you will have to pay us on behalf of the client.

What happens if the lessons were terminated within the first month?

If the tuition is terminated within the first month, 50% of the agency’s commission will still be levied on the number of completed lessons.

What is the minimum qualification required?

The tutor will have to possess at least O level qualification.

Do i need to provide my certificates as proofs of my qualifications?

You are required to bring along a photocopy of your certificate on the first day of tuition.

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