Tuition Rates

Pricing FAQ

What is the difference between a part time / full time/ moe tutor?

Part time tutors –  Tutors who are still schooling (mostly undergraduates) OR Tutors who have a full time job and teaching tuition on a part time basis.

Full time tutors – Tutors teaching tuition on a full time basis (Mostly Graduates)

MOE/EX MOE tutors – NIE trained tutors. Tutors who are still teaching in school or have taught in school before.

Do I need to pay any agent fee in finding a tutor?

Our services are completely free for parents and students. Our agent fee is paid by the tutor.

Do take note that for the first cycle of payment, you are required to retain 50% of the tuition  fee to be paid to us.

How do I pay for lessons?

Internet Bank Transfer / Paynow

Payment invoice is sent once the first lesson has completed, and payment details can be found in it.

You may contact us to discuss the tuition rates you are comfortable with, and start looking for a private tutor that will be a great fit for your child's needs.