How to choose a good assessment book

Every parent would think of buying assessment books for their children. Buying is easy, but the choice of the assessment book is what that makes the difference.

How to tell if your assessment book is good.

A good assessment book should cover the syllabus for the year, look out for whether the contents inside are actually consistent with the current syllabus.

When you pick a book that is not in line with the current syllabus, it may affect your child’s exam preparation negatively, because they will be reviewing the wrong topics.

A good assessment book will be continuously revised by the publisher in order to match the current curriculum.

So, look for the latest editions.

Concept Revision

Choose a book that comes with a guide.  An assessment book with revision notes is perfect for the child who has some questions about the concepts.

The guide must be easy to understand; it should enable your child to understand each topic.

Topical Practices

Topical practices are assessment books that are organized by topics, and are useful for most children. These books are designed to help students focus on topics that they are less proficient in, and you can then track their improvement in particular topics over time.

Correct Answers

Not only should a good assessment book have all the correct answers in the back, but the answers should also explain the question in depth.

Simply copying and memorizing the correct answers will not get you far, it is essential that your child understands exactly why this answer was correct and not any other.

A good book shows your child the way to figure out the problems that they find difficult.


In conclusion, every child can benefit from one or more assessment book to enhance learning. A good one should help the child to become more confident in learning. Once you have a good understanding, heard down to the bookstore and have a look around. Happy Hunting!

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